Accidental Beauty

We moved into our house in the flat grey of winter, not knowing what was planted outside. When the earth warmed up in spring, we were excited to discover all sorts of flowers planted by previous occupants. Since I follow a benign neglect gardening plan when it comes to flowers, everything has been left to fight it out. Only the strong and invasive tend to survive, no plant gets any special treatment except for our admiration and hopeful prayers for more. We add in new seeds and starts each year to see what will take root and thrive. It means there’s still an element of surprise each year when things start to bloom. Here are a few photos of our garden last week. What’s growing in yours?

3 comments on “Accidental Beauty

  1. I love these pix! Such a welcome sight on a gray day. Thanks for the simple, yet elegant, beauties!

  2. Wow, all from your yard, huh? Beautiful! And the sweet girl in there, that so reminds me of myself as a young girl around her age. We had lots of flowers growing in our big, 2-acre lot, landscaped in the style of an English manor, and one of my favorite things to do was to go around the yard at the height of spring blooms and pick one of each type of flower, for a big mismatched bouquet.

    • Jill, your childhood garden sounds wonderful! My girls are so happy that we have flowers they can pick, and I’m so happy to have all these things sprouting up without much attention from me! Almost all of these are in our front garden; the back yard is reserved for things we can eat and flowers to attract pollinators. Our front garden is the domain of hungry deer, volunteer flowers, and happy girls.

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