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2011 My Year in Haiku


31st December

parking lot rainbow
be a harbinger of joy
a happy new year


24th December

baking gingerbread
is much more fun than learning
you need four new tires


23rd December

things you shouldn’t do:
web search potential issue
your kid’s doc brought up


23rd December

winter vacation
second trip to urgent care
I need more coffee


22nd December

all-ages gambling
will the state shut down our den
of dreidel spinning?


20th December

potatoes piled up
house will reek of oil and joy
for eight glowing nights


5th December

anna’s hummingbird
honey badger of the air
dogs? it just don’t care


2nd December

work meeting stops cold
all heads snap to the window
alarmed by the sun


11th November

bird-leaf confusion
junkohs flash up leaves straight down
chickadees spiral


16 September

fall goldfinches match
the buddleia’s dying leaves
dirty mustard brown


28th July

Freedom Rock neighbor
it’s finally summer now
where is our soundtrack?


23 July

fixed gear bicycle
that road looked so flat to me
now I know it’s not


21 July

picking raspberries
wearing my black fleece jacket
no scratched arms this year


13 July

wearing coat inside
too stubborn to pay for heat
yes it is July


2nd June

air all aflutter
a hummingbird Thunderdome
spring’s a brutal time


1st May

warm enough at last!
enough insects for the bats
pooping on the deck


25 April

first golden goldfinch
back at the feeder today
it wasn’t a dream


31st March

still in pajamas
eating fried kabocha squash
spring break island style


25th March

Rufous hummingbird
Mexico is far away
this nectar’s for you


11th March

Libya Japan
much too much daily heartbreak
good thing there’s love too


28th February

robin has more faith
hopping in the garden mud
convinced spring has come


16th February

barking barking dogs
six hens dashing for cover
this is some hail fall


20th January

bus stop not so dark
enough light for colors now
scarves and sky aglow


11th January

muffled ferry horn
backyard a cottony hush
finally some snow


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