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Free Pants Update – No Impact Week

jeans on a porch

My consumption dream for the week came true, and then some. I had offers of jeans and coupons toward the purchase of a new pair from several people. I took the first person to offer a pair up on her offer – When I showed up on her porch (and I carpooled to get there, I’ll have you know), I found 2 pairs of jeans and 1 pair of cords. I’m set for pants for the next 2 years, at least! And my friend came running out to give me the piece of salmon we ate last night. The salmon that I ate last night while wearing my new pants.

All of the offers I received have inspired me to create a clothing potluck. If you’re interested in joining me to share clothes, shoes, and any accessories, please watch the Bainbridge Barter site for more information soon.

I’m thinking something a bit less overwhelming than the clothing swaps that involve a big pile on the floor, something a bit more organized where we each bring whatever we’ve got on hand and organize it quickly by size/type. There’ will be no need to sort through every drawer or dresser in your home; we’ll meet often enough to make that unneccessary. If we meet at the change of each season, we can give away items clothes from the season just past and the one to come, things we know we won’t wear again. Whatever doesn’t find a new home will be donated to Helpline or ARC of Kitsap County.

If we all pare down what we have and find things we love enough to wear them out, we’ll be lowering our impact in good ways while we look good.

One comment on “Free Pants Update – No Impact Week

  1. Pea green pants with nobody in’em? ~ Seuss
    The mystery of the week is solved and resolved.

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