Energy – No Impact Week

Let me say this: It is a whole lot easier to reduce our energy use in September than it was during our first No Impact Week in January. Dawn came and brought us light in time for breakfast and our walk to the school bus stop. If we’d eaten dinner on time, there would have been enough dusky light for that meal, too. But we spent so long picking strawberries in my parents’ garden, we ate late by the light of our vegetable wax tea light candles.

One of these girls just ate salmon for the first time.

Our candlelight dinner brought us a major breakthrough. One of my children is rather difficult to feed. We’ve made incredible progress, and she has a diet of over 45 foods now, where there used to be about 10 (and that’s counting ketchup and balsamic vinegar as foods). She is so sensitive to visual input, the mere sight of some foods sets off her gag reflex, and then she feels too queasy to eat anything at all.

Last night I cooked up a beautiful piece of salmon my friend’s son caught. It was a gorgeous pink steak that I dusted with rapadura, cumin, and cinnamon. I steamed up a pile of green beans from our shared garden plot, then glazed them with with lemon juice and Bragg’s amino acids. We had a pot of steamed Californian rice to cushion everything. I figured Mira and I would enjoy the salmon while Ava ate beans and rice. In the semi-dark of our table, it was hard to see exactly what was on our plates, and Ava ended up trying a bite of her salmon…And she loved it. She ate the whole piece I had put there because that’s our rule; it goes on her plate, even if she doesn’t want it there.

Thank you, No Impact Week for bringing us a very unexpected change. Who knows what other gifts moving to a lower impact life will bring us? I’m in it for the journey and the illumination about how all of our tangled threads are woven together into this messy beautiful life.

3 comments on “Energy – No Impact Week

  1. That’s awesome! What a neat side benefit to the earlier dark evenings…

  2. Another reason to love candle light at supper time. There are times that the best most, nutritious food is funky lookin’. I have never been much of a fan of brown food (except chocolate). Brown dishes work like a diet on me (which could be a good thing). So now when dinner just doesn’t feed the eye I know what to do. Thank you.

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