Month Less Plastic: Maple Marshmallow Update

home made marshmallows meet their fate

At the beginning of our Month Less Plastic, I made a batch of marshmallows less plastic. That was back when we were sure summer really was going to happen. We were looking forward to long warm evenings around our fire pit, roasting marshmallows while our bat box residents flapped around above us snacking on mosquitoes. Instead, we ate most of the marshmallows in hot chocolate because it was still chilly like spring, or maybe like fall.  We saved a few of the puffy squares and found enough dry wood for an experimental roasting before the marshmallows went bad. The recipe we used says they’re good for 1 week if stored in an airtight container, and ours were closer to 10 days old when we roasted them. I think they may lose a bit of structural integrity as they age, starting to dissolve or deflate a bit.

Run! Run to the chocolate before it falls!

What we learned:

Our home made marshmallows quickly turned a beautiful toasty brown. It took mere seconds to achieve a perfect roast.

That’s a good thing, because our home made marshmallows liquefied within seconds when they met with heat from the coals.

We roasted the first round on our steel campfire forks. They slid off. We lost the first ones to the fire. We ate the second batch from our cupped hands, toasted marshmallow mousse that tasted like maple creme brulee.

We roasted the third round on wooden sticks. They slid off more slowly, allowing a few more seconds to get to the chocolate and graham crackers.

They were messy but delicious. They didn’t have the same firm mouth feel as commercial marshmallows, they were more like firm whipped cream.  That’s not a bad thing, just different. In a tasty way.

wood beats metal for roasting home made marshmallows

I’m going to make another batch next week so we can try again. This time I’ll make the marshmallows smaller and we’ll roast them while they’re fresh. This time we’ll be ready to catch them if they fall.

2 comments on “Month Less Plastic: Maple Marshmallow Update

  1. Thanks so much for the update! I am still waiting to make some so the details are helpful (and tempting!) I have been very adventurous in my cooking endeavors this summer and I am getting better at sorting out ingredient subs when needed for things we can’t find here! Sorry for the gloomy and chilly summer you had there! Wishing you a glorious, sunny and well earned gorgeous fall…. in October–when it should be!
    xo, Cat

  2. […] my Marshmallow Update for details about how well they roast… almost at hard ball stage beating the gelatin and hot […]

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