Gratitude, the Electrical Edition – No Impact Week

gratitude: lights, books, heat

Here’s what I’m grateful for tonight. Now to find ways to keep these things in my life with smaller footprints:

  • Light. Sunlight, candlelight, bulbs incandescent/compact fluorescent/LED, flashlights, oil lamps, moonlight, I’m not picky, I love it all*. Just one small candle in a jar can turn my living room from deserted house to home.
  • Heat. I’ve been thinking all week about people who are truly freezing to death, about the mothers whose children won’t make it through this winter because of cold. I am grateful for heat, and wish we all had the luxury of working to lower the carbon footprint of our heat sources; heat shouldn’t be a life or death matter.
  • Music. There’s nothing like music to banish my grouchy self.
  • Books. So grateful we are fortunate to settle in next to a light, under our layers of clothing, blankets and dogs, to read, read, read.
  • Hot tea. Caffeinated or herbal, tart or sweet, milky or straight, just so long as it’s hot.

*Well, OK, maybe I really don’t love compact fluorescent light, but I’m willing to say it’s better than constant darkness.

4 comments on “Gratitude, the Electrical Edition – No Impact Week

  1. nice blog. Your gratitude comments are especially great. I can’t quite bring myself to use cloth for blowing my nose because it seems gross to wash those with other things, and wasteful to wash them on their own.

    • Thanks, Wendy! I hear you – Before I did 5+ years of cloth diaper washing on my own, I was a lot more careful about sorting my laundry to avoid putting things that seemed like bio-hazards with my clothing. Now there are routinely such disgusting things on our laundry, even with my kids who are well beyond their diaper years, the thought of a bit of snot didn’t even register on my radar. I’m not sure that speaks well to my own standards of hygiene. I can serve as a witness for modern washing machines to say that they do an amazing job of cleaning things. Our cloth diapers really did come out clean, without extra work on my part, so I’m willing to trust the nose residue will come out, too. We shall see!

      • ha! You got me thinking–my snot probably isn’t as bad as the invisible stuff that globs onto me during the day. and hand towels are full of germs after a few uses, so maybe washing the towels and hankies together is the same. Thanks for helping me think through this.

  2. Oh, hand towels get scary quickly, don’t they? I washed our hand towels and hankies together yesterday – Thanks for the great combo idea!

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