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Gratitude – No Impact Week

No Impact Week:

In preparation for Day 4, we’ve been asked to write down 5 things we’re grateful for.  Here are mine:

Life. I’m grateful to be alive.

Love. I’m grateful for the love I have to give, the love I get, the love strangers have for others I don’t know. If we didn’t love each other, we’d never be able to repair the world.

New ideas. I’m grateful that we have new ideas, that we can change our mental perspective on the world, both because this allows us to understand ourselves and our impact and because it’s just plain interesting. How dull things would be without new ideas.

Traditions. I’m grateful for the things we bring with us from our ancestors. We need time-tested wisdom to check our new ideas against. My family and faith have traditions I don’t much like, as well as ones I love, but they’re all valuable – It’s good to have things to wrestle with along with things that are comforting, energizing, and illuminating.

Our beautiful earth. Are we ever blessed with our home.

Stinky Beach at Dawn

Stinky Beach at Dawn

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